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Curly Hair Services for Amazing Hair Everyday — No Fuss or Frizz

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New Client Services

We developed styling techniques to create beautifully hydrated and defined curls.

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Expert Curly Hair Cut

Together we’ll create a style to best fit your lifestyle, texture & curl pattern. 

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Clean Color & Highlights

Beautiful custom color for every curl type. It’s long lasting, non-toxic hair dye.

Curly Hair Treatment Spa

Luxurious Curl Spa Treatments

For true relaxation and jaw-dropping curls, experience our Curl Spa. 

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

New Client Services

Enjoy “Good Hair Days” everyday with less effort than you thought possible…

Hello, curly-haired goddesses! Ready to break free from the harsh treatments that leave your tresses parched, frizzed and damaged? Fed up with battling frizz day in and day out? Your search ends here! At Curlture Salon, we help you embrace your natural texture and reignite your passion for your gorgeous curls!

We’ll show you how to achieve salon-worthy results from home (it’s simpler than you think). Here’s how we do it:

  • Purify your curls, eliminating all toxins and buildup, giving you a fresh canvas to work with
  • Drench your curls in intense hydration, resulting in incredibly healthy, bouncy, and luminous locks
  • Allow our skilled experts to craft a haircut you’ll adore every single day.
  • We collaborate with you to create a hairstyle that perfectly complements your lifestyle, texture, and curl pattern
  • Receive a personalized, uncomplicated hair care regimen that empowers you to effortlessly recreate salon-quality results at home
    Curlture Salon hair stylists specialize in curly hair. They're located in located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

    About Curlture Salon

    The salon for curly hair — located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

    Love Your Natural Curls

    Most hair stylists are trained to work with straight hair, leaving them ill-equipped to handle curly and textured hair.

    We Do Things Differently at Curlture Salon

    At Curlture Salon, our Curlologists specialize in cutting, styling, and restoring curly hair through our extensive 18-month apprenticeship program. From the tightest coil to the loosest wave, we have the knowledge and ability to adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.

    It is our mission for all of our guests to leave with a better understanding of their hair and a routine that they can follow to replicate their in-salon results at home.

    We understand the unique challenges that come with curly hair and are dedicated to providing you with the care and attention your locks deserve. We help you:

    • Love and embrace your natural texture
    • Master a easy-to-follow hair care & style routine to give you great hair days on command
    • Repair and revitalize your curls and avoid heat and chemical damage
    • Say goodbye to noxious fumes and burns from toxic hair dyes and relaxants
    • Choose the right products for luscious, bouncy, and hydrated curls that last
    • Avoid products that actually make hair dry, dull, damaged, and brittle
    • Celebrate your hair’s natural beauty

    At Curlture Salon, we understand that many of you may have experienced hair trauma due to common misunderstanding of curly hair. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our guests feel comfortable and heard in our luxurious and welcoming space. We love all types of curls and are excited to help you embrace your natural beauty!

    Established Guest Services:

    Hair Cuts, Color & Curl Spa Treatments

    Get a Customized Curly Haircut

    Experience the Difference of Curly Hair Cuts by Curlture’s Curlologists

    Cutting curly hair is completely different from cutting straight hair. Our Curlologists cut your hair dry to accurately see the shape of each curl, building a stunning 3-D shape that complements your unique features.
    Each curl is individually sculpted to create a harmonious, beautiful look that enhances your natural texture. Before our Curlologists even touch your hair, they begin with an in-depth consultation to learn what you’d like your hair to look like and how easy you want your hair maintenance to be.

    Together, we’ll create a style that best fits your lifestyle, texture, and curl pattern.

    Our Curlologists may spend up to 30 minutes with a client before touching their hair. This uninterrupted time is dedicated solely to understanding your needs and desires. Many hair salons don’t have this level of communication or curiosity to discuss what the client really wants. At Curlture Salon, we prioritize your voice and vision.

    Curl Spa Treatments


    Curly Hair Treatment Spa


    The Quench is the ultimate restorative experience to detoxify your scalp, intensely hydrate your curls and relax and pamper you. Scalp health and curl hydration has never been more attainable.

    Ranges from $135- $180 based on hair length & density

    Curly hair treatment illustration of a woman with a towel on her hair


    Restore chemically treated, colored, or dry hair to lush, hydrated waves, curls or coils. Improve damaged hair, or prepare for upcoming lightening services. The treatment K-18 repairs naturally occurring Disulfide Bonds.

    Ranges from $145- $190  based on hair length & density

    Detox, Hydrating Hair Mask And GO!

    A quick treatment to revitalize and hydrate. Pop in for a detox treatment and hydrating mask with no styling. You will leave with the mask on your hair. This will cleanse toxins and hard water residue from your hair restoring shine, bounce and healthy curls.


    Curl spa curly hair treatment illustration.

    Scalp Scrub And Detox Add On Service

    Add a bit of luxury to any of our customized curly haircuts by adding on a peppermint True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub by Innersense and hair detox. It removes congestion in the hair follicles, dandruff, dirt and buildup, resetting it to optimum health. 




    Embrace the beauty of your natural curls with our wide range of coloring services tailored specifically for curly and textured hair. Our skilled Curl Color Specialists have undergone extensive training through our 18-month hair salon apprenticeship program, followed by an additional year of education focused on coloring curly hair. This ongoing education ensures that we provide the best, most up-to-date services for our clients.

    At Curlture Salon, we offer a variety of coloring options, including:

    • Color touch-ups
    • Multidimensional blonding
    • Pintura highlighting
    • Vibrant vivid colors
    • Balayage lightning
    • Babylights
    • Root shadowing
    • Rëzolites
    • Gray coverage

    Discover the Difference with CØR O&M Hair Color

    We scoured the globe to find the perfect hair color solution for our curly-haired clients, and we found it in O&M’s CØR clean hair color. This innovative, non-toxic, and odor-free formula is free from the harmful chemicals found in other hair dyes, ensuring that your curls remain healthy, vibrant, and damage-free.

    Benefits of CØR O&M Hair Color:

    • Achieve beautiful color without harsh chemicals and damage
    • Perfect gray coverage
    • Choose from over 100 stunning shades
    • Experience 50% enhanced vibrancy with red and copper tones
    • Enjoy a gentle process without skin irritation or unpleasant odors
    • Benefit from longer-lasting color thanks to CØR’s micro pigments
    • Receive customized color services tailored to your unique curl type

    Our Curl Color Specialists are passionate about helping you embrace your natural beauty and fall in love with your curls all over again. Visit Curlture Salon and experience the difference of our expert coloring services designed specifically for curly and textured hair.

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    The results of the curl revival. Even my looser curls in the back sprang up so much - testimonial Alyssa K

    It was amazing!

    “This is truly a curly haven! Everyone here is not only knowledgeable but also so hospitable. I love that the salon is a team dynamic rather than the typical stylist/client relationship. That being said, I had Laura for my curl revival package and she is incredible. We talked over my current routine, addressed what my hair goals are, did a dry cut and then went into full spa mode. The chairs at the washing station can lay you completely flat and I was offered a choice of fuzzy, heated, or weighted blanket to use during the hour long detox and revival process. It was amazing! Because it was my first time there, Laura took me through my new routine step by step and even offered a mirror so that I could watch what she was doing. After the full process and at checkout I was gifted a bag of clips, a satin pillow case, a towel for my hair, and a satin scrunchy. If you’ve been looking into starting or enhancing your curly hair journey, absolutely go to Curlture.”

    – Alyssa K. — Sonoma, CA

    I won't be going anywhere else!

    As long as I live in the area I won’t be going anywhere else! Every single person in the salon is amazing. I have dealt with hair loss this last year which isn’t easy to discuss but the staff here has always made me feel comfortable to talk about it and have been amazingly helpful with lots of tips/tricks. They also helped pick out the right products for my hair type and simplified my routine. Can’t say enough good things about this salon and everyone who works there!

    – Briana C. — Chico, CA

    Samar Hattar a happy client of Curlture Salon

    My curls cannot be more happy, healthy, bouncy and gorgeous!!

    I love everything about this place, their work, their ethics and the way they run the salon and my hair is SO happy since I started coming here! My curls cannot be more happy, healthy, bouncy and gorgeous!! I am obsessed!! My hair is growing longer like I wanted. We don’t have cut as much because it’s staying healthy longer. I get compliments all the time on how amazing my hair and my color are and I have to attribute all of that to Lydia and all the ladies at Curlture.

    – Samar Hattar — San Francisco, CA

    I never knew I could have definition and softness at once in my curls

    Tayla was amazing. She answered all of my questions about the treatment and was very sweet and honest. Tayla really gave me what I wanted for my hair. I never knew I could have definition and softness at once in my curls. Already scheduled to go back in 12 weeks!

    – Bere N. — Berkeley, CA

    Never felt more welcome & seen

    Never in all my 58 years have I ever felt more welcomed and seen at a hair salon. After an in-depth discussion about my desires and concerns, Laura then talked about what was realistic based on what my hair would naturally do. No coiling or twisting – just embracing what is.  Worth the time and money. 

    – Lisa W. 

    Curly Haircut with bangs testimonial from Britney U

    I felt like a queen

    They don’t call her the curl whisperer for no reason. Quinn is an absolute legend! I went in with a curly hair cut in mind and told Quinn what type of cut and shape I was looking for and how I wanted my end results to be. Not only did she bring my vision to life but her and Tayla both educated me on how to care for my curls and get the same results at home. I learned a lot from these lovely ladies and how much I didn’t know about my curly hair. I did the curl revival package and I felt like a queen. Everyone here is so welcoming and so knowledgeable. It was nice seeing all other curly hair girls getting their hair done including the stylists who have curly hair as well. For the first time ever I didn’t feel out of place like other salons. In my past experiences at other salons they made me feel like my hair was ugly and would blow out my hair, killing my natural curls because they simply don’t know shit about curly hair. I’m super excited to continue my journey with you Quinn & staff. 

    – Britney U. — CA

    Brought My Curls to Life!

    Absolutely love this place! My fiancé and I both go here and he loves it just as much as I do. Be prepared for a truly luxurious experience with your first visit. Love did my initial visit and she brought my curls to life! It’s truly like a spa for your hair. Recently also got multidimensional color and lydia did an amazing job and really listened to what I wanted and helped me pick out the right look. If you have curly hair this place is a must

    – Codee C. — Denver, CO