Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment for a haircut?

For our new clients, we offer the Curl Revival Package, which includes a consultation, a dry curly haircut, detoxifying and hydrating treatments, and curly hair education. 

Can I come in if I don't want a haircut?

For any new client not quite ready for a haircut, you can still come in to enjoy luxurious treatments, and curly hair education with the Curl Discovery Package. 

How long does this service take?

Timing for our new client appointments can range from 2.5 hours to 4 hours to allow for a thorough educational experience and drying time. 

Do I have to come in for this service if I already know how to do my hair?

At Curlture we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of curly hair care and the Curl Revival Package allows us to do that and ensure that we are prioritizing your curly hair goals. We don’t make exceptions to this as we know it would compromise our ability to serve you. 

What if I just need a trim and do not need to learn?

Since our curl specialists are always keeping up on curly education and learning more about curly hair, we have tons of tips and tricks that we love to teach our clients.

Do you know how to work with all curl textures?

Our stylists are trained in cutting and caring for all-natural hair textures ranging from wavy to coily curls! 

Are you trained in Deva or Rezo cutting techniques?

We are trained in many different cutting techniques including Deva, Rezo, Cut it Kinky, Curl by Curl, we often use a combination of more than one technique. We always cut and shape your hair when it is dry in its natural curly state.

Are there any other options for a less expensive service?

We are always looking for haircutting models for our apprentices, which would provide you the opportunity for a curly cut at a reduced price. Please email us at to inquire about being a model.

Do you do “protective” styling?

At Curlture we do not currently offer protective styling, but we do specialize in the cutting, coloring, and styling of curly hair that in our experience is the healthiest way to wear your hair.