Celebrate Your Curls

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Our 4-Step Process to Amazing Hair Everyday — No Fuss or Frizz

Luxurious curl spa treatments

Revive Your Curls

Detoxify & hydrate your curls to create  beautiful, bouncy,  defined curls that last.

curly hair cut experts

Get Your Hair Cut by Curl Experts

Together we’ll create a style to best fit your lifestyle, texture & curl pattern. 

Luxurious Curl Spa treatment woman with a towel on her hair

Learn Our Easy Hair Care Secrets

“Good Hair Days” happen every day with an easy-to-follow customized routine. 

Love Your Hair & Feel Amazing

Feel confident & beautiful by producing in-salon results at home.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

No More Out-of-Control Hair

Quit the Harsh Processes That Leave Your Hair Dry, Dull & Damaged

Finding a hair stylist who understands curly and textured hair can be a challenge. American cosmetology schools have curriculums that focus only on the mastery of straight hair textures, leaving graduates unprepared to cut and color textured hair. 

  • Learn to love and embrace your natural texture.
  • Repair and bring your curls back to life by avoiding heat and chemical damage.
  • Avoid noxious fumes and burns from toxic hair dyes and relaxants.
  • Discover the ingredients to avoid to have luscious, bouncy, hydrated curls that last. 
  • Realize your hair is beautiful, and embrace your natural beauty. 
  • Avoid products that actually make hair dry, dull, damaged and brittle.
  • Let the experts who have been trained in curly & textured hair give you a hair cut you love — every day.

With curly hair so frequently misunderstood, many have experienced hair trauma.  We are sensitive to that and go above and beyond to ensure our guests feel comfortable and heard in our space. For this reason, we provide our Curlologists with 18-months of education and hands-on training in our hair salon apprenticeship. We love all types of curls and are excited to help you embrace your natural beauty!

Curlture Salon hair stylists specialize in curly hair. They're located in located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

About Curlture Salon

The salon for curly hair — located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

We are Curlologists

It is our mission for all of our guests to leave with a better understanding of their hair and a routine that they can follow to replicate their in-salon results at home.

From the tightest coil to the loosest wave, we have the knowledge and ability to adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.
At Curlture Salon we are dedicated to creating a safe space where people can receive a thoughtful, customized and educational curly hair experience. Our promise to you is regardless of whose chair you sit in, you will always receive a consistent and luxurious curl service.

All of our stylists have completed a comprehensive 18-month Hair Apprenticeship and have shown mastery in all curly hair sculpting and styling. That training is the culmination of the years of practice and experimentation from our entire team.

We embrace your natural beauty and who you truly are.

The Curlture Salon Team


Our Curlologists are Curl Experts

illustration of a beautiful black woman with dense curly hair

New Client Services

We developed styling techniques to create beautifully hydrated and defined curls.

curly hair cut experts

Expert Curly Hair Cut

Together we'll create a style to best fit your lifestyle, texture & curl pattern. 

Color Specialists for curly hair illustrated Icon

Clean Color & Highlights

Beautiful custom color for every curl type. It's long lasting, non-toxic hair dye.

Curly Hair Treatment Spa

Luxurious Curl Spa Treatments

For true relaxation and jaw-dropping curls, experience our Curl Spa. 

Embrace Your Natural Beauty


Never felt more welcome & seen

Never in all my 58 years have I ever felt more welcomed and seen at a hair salon. After an in-depth discussion about my desires and concerns, Laura then talked about what was realistic based on what my hair would naturally do. No coiling or twisting – just embracing what is.  Worth the time and money. 

– Lisa W. 

the healthiest & most moisturized hair I've had my entire life

I received a great haircut from this place. Everyone is very kind and really wants to ensure you have a great experience. I also got a balayage coloring from them as well. The building is gorgeous, people are friendly, and they really know their stuff. I walked out of there with the healthiest and most moisturized hair I’ve had my entire life. Really great experience!

– Morgan J. — Santa Rosa, CA

Brought My Curls to Life!

Absolutely love this place! My fiancé and I both go here and he loves it just as much as I do. Be prepared for a truly luxurious experience with your first visit. Love did my initial visit and she brought my curls to life! It’s truly like a spa for your hair. Recently also got multidimensional color and lydia did an amazing job and really listened to what I wanted and helped me pick out the right look. If you have curly hair this place is a must

– Codee C. — Denver, CO 

the best decision I've ever made for my hair!

Coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made for my hair! I got the Curl Revival Package, and let me tell you, it is literally a revival. My hair was completely reborn after the magic Quinn and Love worked on it. I’m quite obsessed with my new hair–it feels so soft, luscious, and hydrated after Love’s amazing spa treatment! My hair also got some much needed lift after Quinn artistically shaped my hair curl by curl. I’m on year 3 of embracing my natural hair, and I thought it couldn’t get any curlier–well I was wrong. I actually teared up when I saw my new hair for the first time. The team really brought out my hair’s full potential! My fellow curlies please do yourself a favor and put your hair in the hands of the wonderful people at Curlture Salon.

– Jeemin P. — Santa Rosa, CA

Curlture has changed my life!

I’m not being dramatic when I say that Curlture has changed my life.

I have struggled with my hair my entire life. It’s thick, frizzy, with curls going every which way. Most of my life my hair has been up in a bun because most hairdressers don’t want to deal with my hair. Curlture truly took my insecurities and turned them into appreciation for my hair. They completely brought out my natural curls, hydrated them, and styled them beautifully. Best of all, they taught me how to do it myself every step of the way. As soon as I saw myself I wanted to cry, I was so happy with how my hair looked!

– Monique S. — Ukiah, CA


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