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EXPERT Curly Hair Cuts That Celebrate Your Natural Beauty

Curly Hair Salon Services at Curlture Salon. Lydia Carpenter styles a smiling client's hair with tight ringlets.
Quinn completes a dry curly hair cut for a delighted client.

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Curlture Salon: The Ultimate Destination for Curly Hair Cuts

Are you tired of struggling to find a hair stylist who truly understands and appreciates your curly or textured hair?

At Curlture Salon, we break the mold and celebrate the uniqueness of your natural texture.

Experience the Curlture Difference

Our highly trained Curlologists have completed an intensive 18-month apprenticeship program, mastering the art of cutting, styling, and restoring curly and textured hair.

We deeply understand the challenges that come with curly hair and are committed to providing you with the personalized care and attention your locks deserve.

From the tightest coils to the loosest wave, we have the knowledge and ability to adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.

Cutting curly hair is completely different from cutting straight hair. Our Curlologists cut your hair dry to accurately see the shape of each curl, building a stunning 3-D shape that complements your unique features.
Each curl is individually sculpted to create a harmonious, beautiful look that enhances your natural texture. Before our Curlologists even touch your hair, they begin with an in-depth consultation to learn what you’d like your hair to look like and how easy you want your hair maintenance to be.

Together, we’ll create a style that best fits your lifestyle, texture, and curl pattern.
Our Curlologists may spend up to 30 minutes with a client before touching their hair. This uninterrupted time is dedicated solely to understanding your needs and desires. Communication and curiosity are key components that may not always be emphasized in every hair salon, but we strive to ensure our clients’ needs are fully understood and met. At Curlture Salon, we prioritize your voice and vision.

    Embrace Your Natural Beauty

    Expert Curly Haircut Services

    illustration of a beautiful black woman with dense curly hair

    Customized Curly Haircut

    Indulge in the ultimate curly hair cut experience with our Customized Curly Haircut service. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic shape change, a subtle length adjustment, or a maintenance haircut, our expert Curlologists will create a personalized look that enhances your natural beauty. This premium service includes:

    • A thorough consultation to understand your hair goals and lifestyle
    • A cleanse and condition using high-quality, curl-friendly products
    • A precision dry haircut performed on your curls in their natural state
    • A style-out that showcases your curls’ optimal shape and definition

    Embrace your unique texture and leave our salon with stunning, confident curls.

      Ranges from $180- $240 based on hair length & density

      Express Curly Cut

      Perfect for those who want a quick shape-up without the frills, our Express Curly Cut is a time-saving solution for busy curly-haired individuals. Our skilled Curlologists will expertly trim and shape your curls, ensuring they look their best. This efficient service includes:

      • A dry curly haircut focusing on maintaining and refining your current style
      • Minor shape adjustments to enhance your natural curl pattern
      • No significant changes to your overall look
      • Does not include a cleanse, condition, or style-out

      Ranges from $130- $150 based on hair length & density

      An illustration of an attractive women's barbers haircut for curly hair, Long pixie cut, professional edgy hair cut for women.

      Barbers Haircut

      Experience the best of both worlds with our Barbers Haircut, a traditional barbershop-style cut tailored to your unique curly texture. Our skilled barbers combine clipper techniques with expert scissor work on top to create a clean, polished look that showcases your curls. This service includes:

      • A consultation to discuss your desired style and length
      • Precision clipper work to achieve a crisp, neat appearance
      • Scissor cutting techniques on top to enhance your curls’ shape and definition
      • A final touch-up to ensure a flawless finish


        Illustration of a express curly haircut, a quick trim

        Curl Clean Up

        Refresh your recently cut curls with our quick and convenient Curl Clean Up service. In just 15 minutes, our skilled Curlologists will make slight adjustments to your existing haircut, ensuring your curls look their best between full appointments. This service includes:

        • Minor adjustments to your bangs for a polished look
        • Trimming of a few rogue curls to maintain a balanced shape
        • Neckline cleanup for a clean, professional appearance
        • A brief consultation to address your specific concerns

        Keep your curls looking salon-fresh with our efficient Curl Clean Up service.



          WHY IS THERE A PRICE RANGE? What are the different hair densities and lengths?
          Different hair thicknesses and lengths take different amounts of time to care for, cut and stylize, so we adjust the price accordingly.

          Icon of short petite curly hair style and curly hair treatments

          Petite – This refers to our clients who have hair that is shoulder-length or shorter, and when pulled back into a ponytail, is the size of a nickel or smaller.

          Icon of medium density curly hair and curly hair treatments

          Medium – This describes our clients whose hair sits below the shoulders and reaches up to the middle of their back – about bra band level. When your curls or waves are pulled back, they form a ponytail smaller than a quarter at the elastic band. 

          illustration of a beautiful black woman with dense curly hair

          Dense/Long – This describes our clients whose long hair either extends beyond the middle of their back (past the bra band), or have hair that is above average thickness so that when your curls or waves are pulled back, they form a ponytail larger than a quarter the elastic band. If both or either are true, this is your category. 


          Curlture has changed my life!

          I’m not being dramatic when I say that Curlture has changed my life.

          I have struggled with my hair my entire life. It’s thick, frizzy, with curls going every which way. Most of my life my hair has been up in a bun because most hairdressers don’t want to deal with my hair. Curlture truly took my insecurities and turned them into appreciation for my hair. They completely brought out my natural curls, hydrated them, and styled them beautifully. Best of all, they taught me how to do it myself every step of the way. As soon as I saw myself I wanted to cry, I was so happy with how my hair looked!

          – Monique S. — Ukiah, CA

          the healthiest & most moisturized hair I've had my entire life

          I received a great haircut from this place. Everyone is very kind and really wants to ensure you have a great experience. I also got a balayage coloring from them as well. The building is gorgeous, people are friendly, and they really know their stuff. I walked out of there with the healthiest and most moisturized hair I’ve had my entire life. Really great experience!

          – Morgan J. — Santa Rosa, CA

          I always leave looking forward to my next visit.

          I’ve been to this salon a number of times and I never tire of the experience. The salon is bright, spacious, beautiful and very well appointed. When was the last time you were offered a selection of blankets when you sat in the chair to have your hair washed? Probably never? Well, they do it here. How about an offer of water, tea or coffee? And the coffee rivals any coffee shop, and the cream was foamed on top! I’ve seen both Quinn and just this week Laura. Both are pro’s, spending lots of time getting my hair perfect. Cutting curly hair is so different than any other type of cut. I always leave having learned some new little trick. The wash, conditioning and application of styling products is accompanied with tips on how to achieve the results at home. Can’t recommend this uber professional salon any more sincerely. I always leave looking forward to my next visit. Book your return appointment before you leave, they are very popular and busy.

          – Irene F. — Petaluma, CA

          You WILL NOT be disappointed.

          Growing up a curly girl, I have had many horror stories at salons. With that, the first time I walked in to meet Quinn, I was nervously excited. My hair was SO long and it had been untouched for a very long time (aka: didn’t look too great! ha ha). Quinn’s face lit up and she was EXCITED to do her art on my mane. Many times previously I have seen the look of terror on a stylists face when they see me. ha ha (but not ha ha). Quinn came to life in her art as she went curl by curl through my hair. She created a style that I didn’t want to wash instead of a style I couldn’t wait to get rid of which I had experienced at most other salons! Nobody else has touched my hair since that first appointment with Quinn… She not only tamed the beast, she turned it into beauty! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

          – Nicole J. — Sonoma, CA

          the best decision I've ever made for my hair!

          Coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made for my hair! I got the Curl Revival Package, and let me tell you, it is literally a revival. My hair was completely reborn after the magic Quinn and Love worked on it. I’m quite obsessed with my new hair–it feels so soft, luscious, and hydrated after Love’s amazing spa treatment! My hair also got some much needed lift after Quinn artistically shaped my hair curl by curl. I’m on year 3 of embracing my natural hair, and I thought it couldn’t get any curlier–well I was wrong. I actually teared up when I saw my new hair for the first time. The team really brought out my hair’s full potential! My fellow curlies please do yourself a favor and put your hair in the hands of the wonderful people at Curlture Salon.

          – Jeemin P. — Santa Rosa, CA

          I was taught how to work with my hair

          Writing this review way way late, but it’s mostly been due to lack of being able to really put down into words how appreciative I am of this salon.
          I’ve struggled with my curly hair all my life, I have always dealt with major tangles, dryness, and frizz. There were so many impressive aspects of this salon, and I have absolutely zero complaints about my appointment whatsoever. Through and through I was taught how to work with my hair. I was also shown every step, and provided with an emailed copy of every step / detailed instructions on washing procedures. Seeing it, and being able to ‘feel’ for what my hair should feel like through every step absolutely changed everything for me.
          In the past, I’ve been given a hard time by stylists about having tangles in my hair (even though I always wash before my appointments) – in a very embarrassing moment, there was a large tangle in my hair as they were combing. One of the stylists, Love, assured me that this is just how my hair IS. The texture of it just naturally has tangles, regardless of how recently I washed it. 

          Thank you all SO much for your patience, your willingness to teach & encourage my exploration of my hair, and for just being absolutely incredible. I am so beyond excited for my next appointment. You all rock

          – Alexandra S. — Sonoma, CA

          Embrace Your Natural Beauty at Curlture Salon

          Discover the Expertise and Care Your Curly Hair Deserves

          Are you tired of struggling to find a hair stylist who truly understands and appreciates your curly or textured hair? Many cosmetology schools focus solely on straight hair textures, leaving graduates ill-equipped to properly cut, color, and style curly hair. At Curlture Salon, we break the mold and celebrate the uniqueness of your natural texture.

          Experience the Curlture Difference

          Our highly trained Curlologists have completed an intensive 18-month hair salon apprenticeship, mastering the art of cutting, styling, and restoring your natural curly hair texture. We deeply understand the challenges that come with curly hair and are committed to providing you with the personalized care and attention your locks deserve.

          • Embrace and love your natural texture
          • Repair and revitalize your curls by avoiding damaging heat and chemical treatments
          • Breathe easy with our commitment to using non-toxic, fume-free hair dyes
          • Learn which ingredients to avoid for luscious, bouncy, and hydrated curls that last
          • Celebrate your hair’s natural beauty and embrace your unique style
          • Say goodbye to products that leave your hair dry, dull, and brittle

          We understand that many of our guests have experienced hair trauma due to a widespread misunderstanding of curly hair. At Curlture Salon, we go the extra mile to ensure you feel comfortable, heard, and pampered in our luxurious and welcoming space.

          Our passion lies in helping you rediscover your natural beauty and fall in love with your curls all over again. Visit Curlture Salon and let our dedicated team take care of all your curly hair needs! We celebrate all types of curls and can’t wait to help you embrace your stunning, natural look.

          Curlture Salon hair stylists specialize in curly hair. They're located in located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

          About Curlture Salon

          The salon for curly hair — located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

          We are Curlologists

          It is our mission for all of our guests to leave with a better understanding of their hair and a routine that they can follow to replicate their in-salon results at home. We want you to have success with your hair for the rest of your life. 

          From the tightest coil to the loosest wave, we have the knowledge and ability to adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.
          At Curlture Salon we are dedicated to creating a safe space where people can receive a thoughtful, customized and educational curly hair experience. Our promise to you is regardless of whose chair you sit in, you will always receive a consistent and luxurious curl service.

          All of our stylists have completed a comprehensive 18-month Hair Apprenticeship and have shown mastery in all curly hair sculpting and styling. That training is the culmination of the years of practice and experimentation from our entire team.

          We embrace your natural beauty and who you truly are.

          The Curlture Salon Team

          Additional Services

          Our Curlologists are Curl Experts

          Color Specialists for curly hair illustrated Icon

          Clean Color & Highlights

          Beautiful custom color for every curl type. It’s long lasting, non-toxic hair color.

          Curly Hair Treatment Spa


          For true relaxation and jaw-dropping curls, experience our Curl Spa. 

          Curl Spa Treatments 

          Curly Hair Treatment Spa


          The Quench is the ultimate restorative experience to detoxify your scalp, intensely hydrate your curls and relax and pamper you. Scalp health and curl hydration has never been more attainable.

          Ranges from $135- $180 based on hair length & density

          Curly hair treatment illustration of a woman with a towel on her hair


          Restore chemically treated, colored, or dry hair to lush, hydrated waves, curls or coils. Improve damaged hair, or prepare for upcoming lightening services. The treatment K-18 repairs naturally occurring Disulfide Bonds.

          Ranges from $145- $190  based on hair length & density

          Detox, Hydrating Hair Mask And GO!

          A quick treatment to revitalize and hydrate. Pop in for a detox treatment and hydrating mask with no styling. You will leave with the mask on your hair. This will cleanse toxins and hard water residue from your hair restoring shine, bounce and healthy curls.


          Curl spa curly hair treatment illustration.

          Scalp Scrub And Detox Add On Service

          Add a bit of luxury to any of our customized curly haircuts by adding on a peppermint True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub by Innersense and hair detox. It removes congestion in the hair follicles, dandruff, dirt and buildup, resetting it to optimum health. 


          Embrace Your Natural Beauty


          The results of the curl revival. Even my looser curls in the back sprang up so much - testimonial Alyssa K

          It was amazing!

          “This is truly a curly haven! Everyone here is not only knowledgeable but also so hospitable. I love that the salon is a team dynamic rather than the typical stylist/client relationship. That being said, I had Laura for my curl revival package and she is incredible. We talked over my current routine, addressed what my hair goals are, did a dry cut and then went into full spa mode. The chairs at the washing station can lay you completely flat and I was offered a choice of fuzzy, heated, or weighted blanket to use during the hour long detox and revival process. It was amazing! Because it was my first time there, Laura took me through my new routine step by step and even offered a mirror so that I could watch what she was doing. After the full process and at checkout I was gifted a bag of clips, a satin pillow case, a towel for my hair, and a satin scrunchy. If you’ve been looking into starting or enhancing your curly hair journey, absolutely go to Curlture.”

          – Alyssa K. — Sonoma, CA

          I won't be going anywhere else!

          As long as I live in the area I won’t be going anywhere else! Every single person in the salon is amazing. I have dealt with hair loss this last year which isn’t easy to discuss but the staff here has always made me feel comfortable to talk about it and have been amazingly helpful with lots of tips/tricks. They also helped pick out the right products for my hair type and simplified my routine. Can’t say enough good things about this salon and everyone who works there!

          – Briana C. — Chico, CA

          Samar Hattar a happy client of Curlture Salon

          My curls cannot be more happy, healthy, bouncy and gorgeous!!

          I love everything about this place, their work, their ethics and the way they run the salon and my hair is SO happy since I started coming here! My curls cannot be more happy, healthy, bouncy and gorgeous!! I am obsessed!! My hair is growing longer like I wanted. We don’t have cut as much because it’s staying healthy longer. I get compliments all the time on how amazing my hair and my color are and I have to attribute all of that to Lydia and all the ladies at Curlture.

          – Samar Hattar — San Francisco, CA

          I never knew I could have definition and softness at once in my curls

          Tayla was amazing. She answered all of my questions about the treatment and was very sweet and honest. Tayla really gave me what I wanted for my hair. I never knew I could have definition and softness at once in my curls. Already scheduled to go back in 12 weeks!

          – Bere N. — Berkeley, CA

          Never felt more welcome & seen

          Never in all my 58 years have I ever felt more welcomed and seen at a hair salon. After an in-depth discussion about my desires and concerns, Laura then talked about what was realistic based on what my hair would naturally do. No coiling or twisting – just embracing what is.  Worth the time and money. 

          – Lisa W. 

          Curly Haircut with bangs testimonial from Britney U

          I felt like a queen

          They don’t call her the curl whisperer for no reason. Quinn is an absolute legend! I went in with a curly hair cut in mind and told Quinn what type of cut and shape I was looking for and how I wanted my end results to be. Not only did she bring my vision to life but her and Tayla both educated me on how to care for my curls and get the same results at home. I learned a lot from these lovely ladies and how much I didn’t know about my curly hair. I did the curl revival package and I felt like a queen. Everyone here is so welcoming and so knowledgeable. It was nice seeing all other curly hair girls getting their hair done including the stylists who have curly hair as well. For the first time ever I didn’t feel out of place like other salons. In my past experiences at other salons they made me feel like my hair was ugly and would blow out my hair, killing my natural curls because they simply don’t know shit about curly hair. I’m super excited to continue my journey with you Quinn & staff. 

          – Britney U. — CA

          Brought My Curls to Life!

          Absolutely love this place! My fiancé and I both go here and he loves it just as much as I do. Be prepared for a truly luxurious experience with your first visit. Love did my initial visit and she brought my curls to life! It’s truly like a spa for your hair. Recently also got multidimensional color and lydia did an amazing job and really listened to what I wanted and helped me pick out the right look. If you have curly hair this place is a must

          – Codee C. — Denver, CO 

          Embrace Your Natural Beauty