About RAIN Cox 

Curly Hair Specialist

“Your hair is your crown, and you should wear it proudly!”

— Rain

Hello there! My name is Rain and I am a hairstylist specializing in natural hair.

Growing up as a queer individual and facing personal struggles on my own self-love journey, I never truly felt the acceptance I longed for. This motivated me to pursue a career where I could be a source of love and positivity for others, which eventually led me to where I am today. Through my journey, I have discovered a strong sense of family within my team, who have helped me realize that everything I was searching for in life was within my grasp and potential.

During my days off, you can often find me enjoying the beauty of nature, spending time with my cat, or cracking a good joke. I believe that variety adds excitement to life!

Specializing in curly hair has allowed me to connect with an incredible community of individuals who possess immense strength, resilience, and power. It is a true passion of mine. In every service I provide, my goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for you to express yourself authentically. Your hair is your crown, and you should wear it proudly! I am here to support, encourage, and guide you on your journey of self-love. Ultimately, I am here to be present with you in this moment. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting you!

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Curly Hair Services

New Client Services

We developed styling techniques to create beautifully hydrated and defined curls.

Expert Curly Hair Cut

Our Curlologists can adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.

Clean Color & Highlights

Beautiful custom color for every curl type. It’s long lasting, non-toxic hair dye.

Luxurious Curl Spa Treatments

For true relaxation and jaw-dropping curls, experience our Curl Spa. 

Curlture Salon hair stylists specialize in curly hair. They're located in located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty