About Quinn Bishop

Curlture Salon Founder & Co-owner, Curl Specialist, Curlologist

“curls bring out sassiness, confidence, sexiness, and a touch of fire. I absolutely adore them!”

— Quinn

I have dedicated the past 21 years of my life to being a hairstylist, with a particular focus on curly hair since 2010. The salon industry runs in my family, as my mother, grandmother, and great-grandfather were all hairstylists. It’s safe to say that being a hairstylist is in my blood.

I made a conscious decision to exclusively work with clients who have curly hair, and let me tell you, I absolutely adore them! In my opinion, curls bring out sassiness, confidence, sexiness, and a touch of fire. I strive to spend every moment behind the chair with individuals who inspire me, and with work that fuels my creativity. It motivates me to constantly educate myself, study, learn, sharpen my skills, remain open to fresh ideas, and adopt new ways of thinking.

Being a curly hair enthusiast is just one aspect of who I am. Another passion that drives me is leadership. Before taking on the role of a leader at Curlture Salon, I dedicated myself to training as a coach in transformational work and business. This training has been instrumental in helping me step into my purpose as a mentor for our incredible salon team.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Curly Hair Services

New Client Services

We developed styling techniques to create beautifully hydrated and defined curls.

Expert Curly Hair Cut

Our Curlologists can adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.

Clean Color & Highlights

Beautiful custom color for every curl type. It’s long lasting, non-toxic hair dye.

Luxurious Curl Spa Treatments

For true relaxation and jaw-dropping curls, experience our Curl Spa. 

Curlture Salon hair stylists specialize in curly hair. They're located in located in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty