About Destiny Thompson 

Salon Operations Coordinator & Curly Hair Specialist

“No matter your age, race, or gender, everyone deserves to love themselves and their hair.”

— Destiny

From a young age I could always be found asleep with my hands in anyone’s hair who would let me play with it. Being on a self love journey myself has helped me to find internal love for my curls and others curls. Curly hair is my passion and I believe that I was put on this Earth to empower people and also to help others feel beautiful and accept the amazing curls that they were born with at all ages and stages of life. No matter your age, race, or gender, everyone deserves to love themselves and their hair. 

Being the oldest and having seven younger siblings has helped me to be able to connect and communicate with kids on a deeper level. As a biracial woman, I have always had an internal and external struggle with my curls. As a kid I never thought that I fit in because of my curls as I went to school with only a select few that had hair like mine, as well as my mom having thick luscious hair that was much straighter than mine which also made me envious of her hair. But rather than her letting me do what I thought I wanted, which was to chemically straighten my hair, my mom encouraged me to love myself for exactly who I am inside and out with no exceptions. 

It has been a long road but I truly believe that after beginning my employment here at Curlture, I found a love for curls and my own health of my hair far greater than I had ever imagined. 

I am dedicated to providing an open and safe environment for each person that sits in my chair.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

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We developed styling techniques to create beautifully hydrated and defined curls.

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Our Curlologists can adapt any haircut trend to best fit your curls.

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Beautiful custom color for every curl type. It’s long lasting, non-toxic hair dye.

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Embrace Your Natural Beauty